About the Climate Working Sub-Group (CWSG)

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Since the first International TOVS Study Conference (ITSC) held in Austria (1983), the ITSCs significantly evolved and formed numerous working groups and subgroups. The Climate Working Sub-Group (CWSG) now has access to data records in excess of 25 years. Accordingly, the objective of this working sub-group is continuing to improve the management, integrity, quantity, quality and collaboration of climate products as more centers fall in to support Climate Data Record (CDR) production in operations around the world.

The ability to access and share both historical, current and planned climate products and data (both raw and meta-data) has become an essential requirement that empowers leaders to make informed, confident decisions based upon solid and credible recommendations from subject matter experts.


Latest CWSG reports given at ITSC-19:

CWSG recommendations and actions of ITSC-19

CWSG recommendations and actions of ITSC-18

Working group members at ITSC-19:

Thierry Phulpin, Viju John, Robert Knuteson, Jacola Roman, Jonathan Gero, Lihang Zhou, Jun Li, Eun-Bin Park, Gerrit Holl, Hank Revercomb, Martin Stengel

Working group members at ITSC-18:

Jörg Schulz, Thierry Phulpin, Ruiyue Chen, Mitch Goldberg, Anton Kaifel, Dieter Klaes, BJ Sohn, Martin Stengel, Claudia Stubenrauch

Working group members of previous ITSCs:

J. Bates (NCDC), C. Stubenrauch, S. Ackerman, M. Goldberg, B. Lapeta, M. McCarthy, C. Pierangelo, A. Reale, P. Schlüssel, J. Schulz, C. Shi, L. Shi, J. Sohn, P. Thorne, H. Zhang

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