Fast Radiative Transfer Models

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Guidance on developing and testing tangent linear and adjoint code The lecture materials below are courtesy of Tom Kleespies.

  • Optical Property Databases for Clouds (non-spherical implied)
    • Bryan Baum's data. Ice clouds; Infrared only; specific instruments; a subset of Ping Yang's data.
    • Guosheng Liu's data. Microwave only.
    • Ping Yang's data. Infrared only. Delivered to JCSDA and available on request from Fuzhong Weng
    • A dataset of optical properties for ice particles is available on request from Anthony Baran. The dataset contains optical properties for ice particles (absorption and scattering coefficients, ssa, assymetry parameter and phase function) at 72 wavelengths between 3 and 18 microns for 20662 different values of temperature and ice water content.
    • A dataset of optical properties for hexagonal column ice particles is available on request from Marco Matricardi. The optical properties have been computed using T-matrix and geometrical optics computations for 32 different particle  size distributions.

Follow model-name links to access full summaries of model features and development status provided by the model developers and updated after each ITSC by the RTSP working group.

Model Supported sensorsContact Website
RTTOV Multi-sensor * Roger Saunders (UKMO) Eumetsat NWP SAF website
CRTM Multi-sensor * Paul van Delst (NESDIS) Paul van Delst's web documentation
MSCFAST HIRS,GOES,AIRS Louis Garand (MSC) more details
OSS AIRS Jean-Luc Moncet (AER)
SARTA AIRS Scott Hannon (UMBC) SARTA website
Gastropod AIRS Vanessa Sherlock (NIWA) Gastropod website
RTIASI IASI Marco Matricardi (ECMWF)
LMD fast models Alain Chedin/Noelle Scott (LMD)
Zeeman modelSSMIS Yong Han (NESDIS)

* see full summary for list of supported sensors

  • Software for interpolating profiles and mapping of Jacobians from the fast RT layering to NWP vertical coordinates (TL/AD/Gradient) is now part of RTTOV-9. A stand-alone version of the software is available at:

  • Profile_Utility webpage containing Fortran95 code and documentation to perform units conversions and level-to-layer conversions on atmospheric quantities (Forward models only).
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