Reference Radiative Transfer Calculations

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  • access the latest edition of the HITRAN database and associated updates and documentation
  • access the latest versions of the complete GEISA and GEISA/IASI databases, and associated software and documentation.


  • Ozone absorption in the AMSU 183 GHz channels should be included in RT models (brightness temperature variations are of the order of 0.5 K).
  • The 23 GHz water vapour absorption line half-widths have been revised based on results from the ARM site. A study of the resulting impact for AMSU and SSMI radiances has been provided by Bill Bell and Stephen English (UKMO).
  • Following Action RTSP-13 from ITSC-18, an alternative formulation of the infrared water vapour continuum based on CAVIAR results is available as a report and associated zip file (Stu Newman, UK Met Office).

Follow model-name links to access full summaries of model features and development status provided by the model developers and updated after each ITSC by the RTSP working group.

Marco Matricardi (ECMWF) has prepared a report of intercomparisons between LBL codes used in the development of fast RT models for use in NWP. See ECMWF Tech. Memo. 525, May 2007 for details.

Model Principal developer Model website/contact
LBLRTM Tony Clough (AER) LBLRTM website
GENLN2 Dave Edwards (NCAR) email developer
RFM Anu Duhdia (Univ. Oxford) RFM website
4A Noelle Scott (LMD) ARA-4A website
kCARTASergio de Souza-Machado (UMBC) kCARTA website
sigma-IASI Guido Masiello (IMAA)
Hartcode Ferenc Miskolczi (NASA,LaRC)
FLBL Shawn Turner (MSC)
ARTS Stefan Buehler

Patrick Eriksson
ARTS website
KOPRA Michael Hoepfner (Univ. Kahlsruhe) KOPRA website
GENSPECT ? (Univ. Toronto) GENSPECT website
  • Marco Matricardi (ECMWF) has used the LBLRTM line-by-line model to generate a database of IASI spectra that include NLTE effects. NLTE effects have been computed using CO2 vibrational temperatures (including minor isotopologues) for 48 diverse atmospheric profiles and six values of the solar zenith angle assuming an IASI observation at nadir. Vibrational temperatures have been computed by Manuel Lopez Puertas (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia). To obtain the NLTE spectra please contact Marco Matricardi.
Model Principal developer Model website/contact
MPM 89/92 Hans Liebe (NTIA)
MonoRTM Tony Clough (AER) MonoRTM website
Rosenkranz? ()
ATM ? ()
STRANSAC Noelle Scott (LMD)
ARTS Axel von Engeln (Univ. Bremen)ARTS website
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