Surface Property Models

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At the Beijing 2005 ITSC the RTSP working group endorsed the formation of a task group to co-ordinate surface radiative property modelling activities, proposed by Ben Ruston. It was agreed that, while the task group will address surface property modelling for all surface types, in the first instance the task group would focus on land surface emissivity atlas and model developments in the first instance.

Catherine Prigent (Meteo France) and Fuzhong Weng (NOAA/NESDIS) are the co-chairs of the surface property models task group.

The task group has completed a survey of operational weather centres on the use of surface-sensitive ATOVS radiances, and is organising the First Workshop on Remote Sensing and Modeling of Surface Properties, to be held in Paris in June 2006.

These tables are an incomplete summary of current surface emissivity models. Please feel free to provide updated or additional information to the RTSP-WG co-chairs.

Emissivity model Surface typeRT modelMore info
Sea Surface Infrared Emissivity Model (SSIREM)sea RTTOV Eumetsat NWP SAF Technical Report
InfraRed Sea Surface Emissivity (IRSSE) sea CRTM Paul van Delst's web documentation
Emissivity model Surface type RT modelMore info
FASTEM sea RTTOV Eumetsat NWP SAF Technical Report
Microwave Emission Model (MEM)sea, land (various)CRTM ? updated link needed
  • The temperature dependence of sea surface emissivity is discussed by Newman et al. (2005). For skin temperature T, the refractive index (real part n, imaginary part k)  of water is given by: n =no+cn * (T-273.15) , k=ko+ck * (T-273.15). The parameters no, cn, ko, and ck are available on request from James Hocking.
  • Yan,B., F.Weng, H.Meng, and N.Grody, Retrieval of Snow Surface Microwave Emissivity from Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU), submitted to J.Geophys.Res (2008).
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