ITSC-24 Meeting Agenda

Agenda of the next ITSC DA/NWP Working Group Meeting to be held on Saturday 18th March, Tromsø

  1. Welcome
  2. Review of progress of action items from the last meeting (10 minutes)
  3. WMO (CGMS) High Level Priority Plan Items (30 mins)
    1. Discussion on the optimum revisit time for MW sensing (specifically sounders, but any information on imagers is also of interest)
    2. What is the timeliness requirement for sounder observations ? How can we quantify this? For reference, DBnet threshold is 30 minutes; goal is 20 minutes.
  4. Other items for discussion: (40 mins)
    1. Feedback from the community is the impact of having a hyperspectral IR sounder in the early morning 5.30 AM orbit.
    2. Does the NWP community concur with decision to switch SNPP CrIS to SW+MW (which would be done when NOAA21 commissioning is complete)
    3. Request for feedback from the NWP group on the CrIS collocated VIIRS cluster BUFR test data.
    4. Progress on extension of MW sounders over sea-ice and difficult surfaces.
    5. Latest information on methods of PC compression for GEO/LEO hyperIR. Any updates on hybrid PC scores for instance.
    6. Any updates on the requirement of the MW constellation.The working group gave recommendations in 2022. Has this changed in light of recent small sat experience?
  5. Website (10 mins)
    1. Space agency contacts – please review!
    2. Ongoing request for links to LAM impact studies
  6. Survey (10 mins)
    1. Ideas for storing covariance information re Rmatrix
    2. Other improvements
  7. Review of standing recommendations (10 mins) (make sure we have the small sat recommendation)
  8. AOB (10 mins)
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