Atmospheric Profile Datasets and Profile Manipulation Tools

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Dataset # profiles# levelsPminvariables data source Contact/download
TIGR v3 2311 40 ? P,T,q (O3 climatology) radiosonde LMD website
ECMWF 50L 13766 50 0.1 hPa P,T,q (O3 climatology) model ECMWF
ECMWF 60L 13495 60 0.1 hPa P,T,q,O3 (+cloud/surface) model Eumetsat NWP SAF website
NOAA-88/89 ~8000 66,101 0.005, 1 hPa P,T,q rocket/radiosondeChris Barnet, NOAA
SeeBor V4.0 15705 101 0.005 hPa P,T,q,O3 mixed SeeBor website
UMBC 49 101 0.005 hPa P,T,q,O3,CO,CH4,N2O radiosonde/? Scott Hannon, UMBC [download dataset]
Garand 42 43 0.1 hPa P,T,q,O3,CO2,CO,CH4,N2O radiosonde/SAGE Louis Garand, MSC [download dataset]
CIMSS Ozone 380 40 ? O3 ozonesonde Hal Woolf, CIMSS
ECMWF trace gas 43 90 0.005 hPa CO2,CO,CH4,N2O mixed Marco Matricardi, ECMWF [download data]
MOZART trace gas 98304 67 0.005 hPa O3,CO,CH4,N2O model Xu Liu, NASA
COSPAR 396 71 2.54e-05 hPa T,wind mixed BADC website
ECMWF aerosol and
trace gas concentrations
40000 60 0.1 hPa P,T,q,O3,CO2,CH4
Aerosol mixing ratios of sulphate, organic matter,
black carbon, sea salt, and desert dust
model EUMETSAT NWP SAF website: 60L datasets from the MACC project\\
 ECMWF 91L  25000  91  0.1 hPa  P,T,Q,O3,cloud,surface  model  EUMETSAT NWP SAF website
 ECMWF 137L  25000  137  0.1 hPa  P,T,q,O3,cloud,surface  model  EUMETSAT NWP SAF website
  • The DARDAR dataset of vertical profiles of visible extinction coefficient, ice water content and effective radius in ice clouds is available from the ICARE web site.
Parent dataset # profiles# levels Derived models/usage Contact/download
TIGR v2 43 43,90 RTTOV,RTIASI,RTAIRS Marco Matricardi, ECMWF
ECMWF trace gas43 90 RTIASI,RTAIRS Marco Matricardi, ECMWF [download dataset]
NOAA-88 32 40,42,101PFAAST, ? Hal Woolf, CIMSS
UMBC 49 101 SARTA,AIRS-RTA,Gastropod Scott Hannon, UMBC [download dataset]
ECMWF 50L 117 43 Model validation Eumetsat NWP SAF website
Garand 42 43 Garand RT model intercomparisonLouis Garand, MSC [download dataset]
ECMWF 60L 52 101 AIRS RT model intercomparison Eumetsat NWP SAF website
ECMWF 101L 83 101 RTTOV Marco Matricardi, ECMWF

Refer to the group's validation datasets web page.

  • f90 code to map profiles from the AIRS 101 pressure levels to arbitrary fast model pressure levels, provided by Roger Saunders for the AIRS RT model intercomparison
  • Documentation and code for vertical interpolation of profiles and associated Jacobians, provided

by Yves Rochon (English version, French version)

  • Profile utility software tarball containing Fortran95 code and documentation to perform units conversions and level-to-layer conversions on atmospheric quantities. The units conversion and atmospheric properties module contain the forward, as well as tangent-linear and adjoint procedures.
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