Investigating AMV error characteristics

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AMVs have complicated errors, which can be problematic for maximising their impact in NWP. The biennial NWP SAF AMV monitoring analysis reports provide a useful resource for listing and investigating features observed in the O-B monitoring. Further investigations are encouraged, for example by validating AMV height assignment using the A-train, model, sonde or wind profilers.

IWW10.13.    Encourage increased efforts to validate AMV height assignment using the A-train, model, sonde, and profiler data..  

Please contact the IWWG co-chairs for further information. 


There has been ongoing work in this area for a number of years including analysis reports and investigations produced as part of the NWP SAF AMV monitoring activities and several studies elsewhere.

For further information see:

  • Comparison to A-train data, Seze et al., 2008, IWW9 paper, follow link to proceedings from IWW website
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A couple of recent items undertaken as part of the NWP SAF AMV work:

  • 5th NWP SAF AMV monitoring analysis (will be released before IWW11)
  • a new best-fit pressure investigation added in 2011 (involved comparing model best-fit pressure statistics produced by the Met Office and ECMWF).


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