CGMS actions and recommendations

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  • CGMS-A* - actions
  • CGMS-R* - recommendations


CGMS-A41.24. Co-chairs of IWWG to provide a summary paper and lessons learnt to CGMS-42 from the second AMV derivation inter-comparison project.

CGMS-A41.25. IWWG co-chairs to i) organise a dedicated session at IWW12 on research, operational applications and benefits of high resolution AMVs and ii) to provide a corresponding report to the next CGMS meeting.

CGMS-R41.06. IWW12 is requested to discuss progress on spatially enhanced AMV products using combinations of data from polar orbiting satellites (including sounders).

CGMS-R41.09. IWWG to support SCOPE-CM towards the possible development of a unified algorithm for consistent reprocessing of AMVs from geostationary meteorological satellites.

CGMS-R41.08. NOAA is invited to consider sustained support to future reprocessing work on GOES and polar AMVs for the benefit of future reanalyses.

CGMS-A41.28. NOAA to ensure that CIMSS/SSEC AMV reprocessing activity should be embedded into SCOPE-CM AMV project by a communication to the SCOPE-CM Secretariat.

CGMS-R41.07. NASA is requested to provide a summary paper to CGMS-42 on cloud motion winds from MISR. The paper should include the potential of the product for NRT application in NWP and also describe efforts to provide the product for reanalyses.


CGMS-A40.22. All CGMS members that have committed to participate in the second AMV derivation intercomparison project are invited to carry out the study on the basis of the guidance provided by IWWG and the Meteosat data set provided by EUMETSAT. All CGMS members to report on preliminary results at CGMS-41. Final results should be presented at IWW12 in 2014.

CGMS-R40. . IWWG co-chairs to provide a state-of-the-art overview on the research on high resolution wind production and usage and to encourage increased focus on this theme at IWW12. This will involve input from NWP centres (to investigate need for this data in high resolution models and how best to assimilate) and data producers (how best to adapt the derivation).

CGMS-R40. . Satellite providers should investigate the potential of global AMVs from tandem satellites: e.g. dual Metop, MODIS/VIIRS and the future Sentinel 3A/B. First assessments are invited for CGMS-41 as a basis for more detailed discussions at IWW12 in 2014.

CGMS-R40. . All CGMS agencies producing AMVs are encouraged to investigate situation-dependent error estimates of wind vectors and their pressure levels with new derivation techniques. NWP centres are encouraged to work with producers on the evaluation.


CGMS-R39.10. All AMV and CSR product providers are invited to continue or start the regular reprocessing of those products with state-of-the-art algorithms.

CGMS-A39.29. All AMV providers to make efforts to have the quality of their products tested by NWP centres.  The slicing into specific AMV products (e.g. from WV or IR channels) and segragation into vertical levels is advised.  Deadline: CGMS-40

CGMS-R39.22. All AMV providers should make an effort to have the quality of their products tested by NWP centres.  It is recommended to present such results already at the 11th International Winds Workshop in Feb 2012.

CGMS-R39.23. CGMS-39 advised IWW11 to further address the salient issues and topics listed in EUM-WP-27.

CGMS-A39.30. The co-chairs of IWWG and the rapporteur are requested to discuss the results from NWP impact studies at IWW11, and to synthesize general observations on performance.  Due date: IWW11 in Feb 2012 and report to CGMS-40.

CGMS-R39.24. CGMS agencies are encouraged to support scientists to attend the next IWWG meeting.

CGMS-A39.31. IWWG co-chairs and the rapporteur are requested to report to CGMS-40 on the 2nd AMV intercomparison campaign. Deadline: CGMS-40

CGMS-R39.25. CGMS agencies are invited to:

  1. i. further test the performance of the NWCSAF AMV software package by testing the products in a NWP data monitoring/assimilation system, and
  2. ii. extend the current software to clear-sky WV AMVs

CGMS-R39.26. Satellite AMV providers are invited to examine the stand-alone AMV software package from the NWCSAF and to report back to CGMS-40.

CGMS-R39.27. EUMETAT NWCSAF to consider providing a tested option to allow running of alternative algorithms to support algorithm intercomparison studies.


CGMS-R38.14. JMA is invited to report on the use of high resolution AMV derived for T-PARC experiment.

CGMS-A38.26. All satellite operators are invited to inform the Secretariat whether they will support a second AMV intercomparison study. They are also invited to provide feedback on potential improvements and changes (due date 31 March 2011).

CGMS-A38.27. Co-chairs of the IWWG should develop a workplan for a second AMV intercomparison study on the basis of lessons learnt from the 1st intercomparison and the pertinant feedback and comments provided by CGMS members. Due CGMS-39.

CGMS-A38.28. EUMETSAT to conduct and extended validation campaign for AMVs derived with the NWCSAF portable AMV software package. Due date 31 May 2011 and a report to CGMS-39.

CGMS-R38.15. CGMS operators are invited to express their interest in the portable AMV software package from the EUMETSAT 'Nowcasting SAF' for testing and internal comparisons.

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