High resolution winds

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The aim of this page is to summarise the latest work on developing and making use of high resolution wind products, which is of increasing importance for NWP.

CGMS-A41.25. IWWG co-chairs to i) organise a dedicated session at IWW12 on research, operational applications and benefits of high resolution AMVs and ii) to provide a corresponding report to the next CGMS meeting.

IWW11.3. IWWG co-chairs to kick off an activity to pull together the latest research on high resolution wind production and usage and to encourage increased focus on this theme at IWW12.  This will involve input from NWP centres (to investigate need for this data in high resolution models and how best to assimilate) and data producers (how best to adapt the derivation).

IWW10.5. Co-chairs to set up a wiki page and initiate discussion on improving the derivation and assimilation of high resolution winds.  

Please contact the IWWG co-chairs for further information. 


Development of high resolution winds and the assimilation strategy are important for improving forecasts of high impact weather events using high resolution mofels. However, there are no stand-out solutions for either the derivation or assimilation of high resolution winds. The intention of this page is to enable greater community-wide discussion to guide developments.



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